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Hottest information about 8th Pharma Commercial & SFE Summit

27 June 2018


Global Head of Commercial Excellence

3 Questions For Gabriel Morelli

What do you think companies should be focusing on when it comes to the SFE?

I believe companies shouldn’t be focusing on SFE in isolation; they should focus on the whole journey from upstream Marketing Excellence down to Sales Excellence connecting all of the dots. Excelling at SFE or any of its components becomes irrelevant if you haven’t defined yet very clearly what is the customer journey & experience, the value proposition and so on. The key element is to understand who your customers are, what their needs are, their value and the experience they would expect you provide them with. Also, defining the right commercial model is key; size, structure & resource allocation. Finally, listening to your clients and improving is absolutely critical and not done enough in pharma. I still see dashboards with all the activity KPI’s in green but not growing sales and market share.

How can you use the digital tools to help your company raise the profit and sales?

The key is to achieve customer centricity through an orchestrated engagement enabled by digital. A key element is to stop considering the sales representative as a channel and more as the leader that gets in touch with our customers and is able to provide a great customer experience through leveraging our company’s capabilities (Customer Service, Supply Chain, Marketing, Medical, etc…) on a seamless way through digital. This role could also be performed by different teams in the company, for example Marketing, when no sales representative is visiting the customer. This allows to drive both top and bottom lines through increasing the reach and frequency and deploying less people on the field depending on the situation. You could define which customers you want to reach only through digital and which ones through a combined approach. The key would be to find the best balance between “High Touch” and “High Tech”.

What can you do to acquire the stakeholders’ trust during the selling process?

Trust can only be achieved through listening and understanding what our customer needs are and expected experience they want to have from us, while delivering value without expecting anything in return. This does not happen by chance and, therefore, the key activity to be done is to have a selling process in place and prepare for each interaction with our customers to excel at all “AHA” moments. Also, consistency of behaviours across the different touchpoints our customer have with our company generates trust, and for this, there is the need to plan. Finally, the most important element would be the people, the leaders we put in front of our customers that should be all playing to the same music.

Gabriel ,is the Global Head of Commercial Excellence at Sandoz and has more than 25 years of professional experience with deep exposure to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. He has worked for IMS Health, where he held various Senior Executive roles: President of the South Europe & Middle East, General Manager Spain and VP Consulting. He has also worked for ZS Associates (London) and PWC (Uruguay). He holds a BBA from ORT University, a CPA (Public Accountant) from Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay, an MBA from Cranfield School of Management (UK), and a Doctorate in Business Administration, also from Cranfield, where he researched on sales force effectiveness topics for pharmaceutical sales forces. He is a co-author of “Goal Setting Barriers: A Pharmaceutical Sales Force Case Study”, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2012; “Barriers to the Development of Effective Goals”, American Academy of Management, 2007; among many other articles in business magazines and newspapers.

26 June 2018


Neurology Patient Value Unit Head Turkey & MENA

3 Questions For Falih Kocaman

What do you think companies should be focusing on when it comes to the SFE?

-Harmonize company vision and strategies and translate them to tangible goals regionally
-Choose the right persons, educate and motivate
-Measure success on objective KPIs and make them visible
-Close the loop with customer insights

How can you use the digital tools to help your company raise the profit and sales?

-Create and increase awareness in an era with unmet medical needs
-Reach a diversity and multiplicity of target groups with lower costs
-Engage targets and measure engagement on both ends

What can you do to acquire the stakeholders’ trust during the selling process?

-Define the real patient value
-Clarity on product benefits
-Support with clinical data via different, tailored media (F2F, remote, digital, mixed)

Falih Kocaman , has a medical background in anaesthesia and intensive care, he has also served voluntarily on NGOs and has a medical marketing and sales experience in a diversity of areas such as oncology, neurology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, haematology, and ophthalmology in different companies. He is currently serving as a Neurology Patient Value Unit Head at UCB for Turkey and MEA countries.


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