11th Annual Sales Force Effectiveness & Digital Marketing in Pharma Summit

13 - 14 October 2021 | Berlin

In today’s hectic world, when the economies around the world are suffering from the impact of the global pandemic, businesses are experiencing losses and many face the challenge of a complete upheaval of lifestyle. However, pharmaceutical companies are taking centre stage in the COVID-19 fight and they are seeing positive growth on the market and a new burst of innovation in the infectious disease landscape.


The 11th Annual Sales Force Effectiveness and Digital Marketing in Pharma Summit has been designed to reveal all challenges and current trends analysing the digital marketing, sales and commercial effectiveness, patient-centricity, digital transformation trends, go-to-market strategies, designing a marketing and sales function for the future, and many others. At our pharma conference, you will have a great opportunity to meet C-level experts from different pharmaceuticals companies internationally and get insights from their interesting case studies. This interactive summit will provide you with noteworthy lessons learned together with detailed sales business strategies that will be shared by top experts in the pharma world.

Hot topics that will be discussed at this annual

  • The new normal – Assess the impact of COVID-19 and find out what is next for marketing and sales
  • Customer centricity: What have we learned from the global pandemic?
  • How can you best align your pharma marketing and sales teams?
  • Machine learning and the future adoption of a more patient-centred approach
  • How sales & marketing use CRM to meet new challenges?


Giorgio PINCI

Director Strategy & Innovation at Healthcare Business


Customer Centricity and Omnichannel – How Is Merck Moving Towards the New Normal

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing a dramatic paradigm shift in Pharma Commercial Models. Digital is becoming a key part of the new paradigm and data-driven insights are a strategic pillar for reaching customer and stakeholders with the right message at the right time through the right channels and for improving performance and efficiency. This new approach requires an important cultural and organisational shift.

• HCP habits and needs have changed
• Adoption of digital channels has increased and new real-world insights that are there to understand our customers
• Advanced and dynamic segmentation and recommender systems enabled by artificial intelligence are needed
• Merck has performed various projects adopting this new approach that will be displayed during the presentation

Sandrine LE THOMAS

Former Senior Director, Global Digital Marketing


COVID-19: A Game Changer in Digital Marketing Adoption

In February 2019, our digital marketing focus was on lead generation and driving adoption of marketing automation. From one day to the next, the company was facing an unprecedented amount of web traffic and online demand, disrupting the standard customer journeys and challenging internal processes. Within three months, more changes happened that in the past three years.

• Redesigning customer journeys for mass traffic
• Leveraging digital marketing for internal efficiencies and cross-functional collaboration
• Monitoring KPIs that matter


Head of Commercial Excellence, Europe, Middle-East & Africa


Best Practices for Attracting and Retaining Top Talents in Sales Teams

Studies confirm that a team made of top talents outperform four times a team made of average individuals.
In this presentation, Marco Basile is going to share examples and best practices to attract and retain Top Talents in the Sales Organisations, based on articles, books and studies made by different authors.

The five main areas we will explore during the presentation to attract and retain talents will be:
• Company culture
• Competent leadership
• Purpose and recognition
• Career and growth opportunities
• Salary, rewards and benefit schemes


Commercial CFO


Accelerating Go-to-Market Model Transformation in a "New Normal" Environment

The COVID-19 crisis and substantial acceleration of the digital transformation have profoundly shaken but also challenged the more traditional commercial approach in pharma.

These drastic changes also offer the opportunity to rethink more fundamentally different commercial models across the organisation to actually foster transformation, experiment and reallocate resources while keeping focus on patients, differentiation and investment effectiveness. Responding to internal and external pressures for precisely assessing ROI remains one of the bigger challenges.


Corporate Vice President, Commercial Operations


Customer Engagement Analytics: From ‘Footprint’ to ‘Touchpoints’

As the pharma customer engagement model evolves and digital channels becomes a greater part of the overall customer coverage model, what role should more advanced ‘Customer Engagement Analytics’ play in a future Commercial Excellence set-up and what does a strong roadmap look like.

It is a great and to the point event. There were some inspirational presentations – I have noted them and will use them in my daily work

Associate Director, Digital Customer Engagement at Teva

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