12th Annual Sales Force Effectiveness & Digital Marketing in Pharma Summit

5-6 October 2022 | Courtyard Berlin City Center

In today’s hectic world, when economies around the world are suffering from the impact of the global pandemic, businesses are experiencing losses and many of them face the challenge of a complete upheaval of lifestyle. However, pharmaceutical companies are taking centre stage in the COVID-19 fight and they are experiencing positive growth on the market as well as a new burst of innovation in the infectious disease landscape.

The 12th Annual Sales Force Effectiveness and Digital Marketing in Pharma Summit has been designed to reveal all current trends analysing digital marketing, sales and commercial effectiveness, patient-centricity, digital transformation trends, go-to-market strategies, designing marketing and sales function for the future, and many others. At our pharma conference, you will have a great opportunity to meet C-level experts from different international pharmaceuticals companies and get insights from their interesting case studies. This interactive summit will provide you with noteworthy lessons learned together with detailed sales business strategies that will be shared by top experts in the pharma world.

You will also benefit from remarkable networking opportunities due to limited seats and friendly atmosphere of this highly interactive event. Get inspired by diversity, meet your peers and discuss with the senior-level decision-makers who will demonstrate the most important key points and current trends in the pharma field. It is the right place for sharing ideas, marketing strategies and inspiration, provided by experienced leaders on the market and establishing important business contacts!

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Living in a new world – Assess the impact of COVID-19 and find out what is next in marketing and sales
  • Global pandemic as an accelerator of digital transformation
  • Customer centricity: Putting patients at the center of attention
  • Evolving commercial strategies & models and new trends in SFE and digital marketing
  • Commercials team of the future – Changing pharma sales force
  • Agile processes in pharma



Business Development Manager


Building a Holistic Obesity Care Journey with a Consumer Mindset

16mil people in Germany live with obesity - a chronic disease. The large majority of them is deeply unhappy with their weight. Yet, only a fraction of them ever receives a proficient treatment. This is why for us at Novo Nordisk, just delivering medication is not enough. Our mission is to step change the whole weight management journey of people living with obesity with disruptive ideas, innovative patient solutions and collaborations with key companies along the value chain.
• Learn how we created seamless, convenient and personalized patient journeys from activation to treatment initiation and adherence
• Hear how we continue to utilize disruptive ideas, new technologies and strong relationships with collaborating companies along the value chain
• Experience how we put patients at the center of attention - rather than following the traditional HCP marketing approach


Business Unit Head, Spain and Portugal


Turning Patient Centricity into Action

• Importance of the mission statement in the healthcare sector
• How to distribute the company mission to all levels of the company
• Moving from tasks to objectives

Erasmus HOLM

Chief Marketing Officer


Move Fast and Break Things! Learn From Your Loss-Making Change Efforts & Innovations

• Prioritize efforts with strategic thinking. Determine which concepts are relevant rather than just new ideas
• Blow up or blow out? Scale projects that are working and negotiate shutting down ones that aren’t
• Implement innovation systems - the value of hackathons, competitions and innovation hubs
• Create environment for new ideas to overcome regulatory frustration, reduce churn & reduce tedious processes in Pharma


Head of Gyn/GU/GI Franchise and Alliance


New Normal in Pharma = New Way to Prioritize?

COVID-19 pandemic suddenly forced companies to operate differently. Face to face meetings became virtual, telemedicine initiatives were implemented, digital content for websites, emails and mobile apps increased, more omnichannel marketing and medical education campaigns as well as strategies related to the new environment were requested. What is changing in therapeutic areas and how do companies need to adapt to succeed?
• How has the global pandemic situation changed marketing and sales in pharma?
• Stakeholders: Engagement initiatives during COVID-19
• HCP interactions in the post-COVID-19 world: Strategic refresh


Business Unit Director


Digitalization and Innovation in Ferring Pharmaceuticals

The pandemic situation forced us to accelerate the digitalization of the work, life and health. How have we gained efficiency and high level of innovation in daily life and health system?
• The pandemic situation and the fear of change in mindset
• New approach to life and work
• Efficiency improvement in work and health system
• The 3 wins benefit for the community

It is a great and to the point event. There were some inspirational presentations – I have noted them and will use them in my daily work.

–Associate Director, Digital Customer Engagement, Teva

We offer to world’s leading companies at our summit

Case Studies

Experience leaders will provide you with lessons learned.


The chance for market-leading business knowledge networking.


All attendees will have a great opportunity to discuss a selection of topics in small groups with their peers.

New Ideas

We are partnering with experienced professionals to provide creative ideas, inspiration, and guidance.

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We are committed to achieving new standards of excellence by providing conference formats that encourages interaction, networking and high class knowledge sharing. With experts, well-supported staff, motivated to deliver quality, Allan Lloyds vision is to be recognized as the global leader in providing high quality business conferences.

What we offer to world’s leading companies

  • Experience-based case studies
  • Round table discussions
  • Impeccable networking opportunities
  • Limited number of seats in the audience ensuring friendly atmosphere
  • No media or press presence


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