Quentin Descat

Head Global Cardiovascular – Commercial Launch Brands Lead



Stop Dreaming - Start Crawling

Stop dreaming, start crawling… engaging to win with customers.

Strategic ambition matters as much as strong data and IT architecture, a global/local team effort and a resilient culture to create real customer impact. Let’s have a look at both the dream, and the reality, in an interactive session.

  • From Big Data to Small Data / Pharma is and will not be a mass market
  • From Technology to Biology / Human interactions will count as long as Healthcare professionals are humans
  • From Artificial Intelligence to Talent Due Diligence / Fire the digital hoppers before they hope
  • From Machine Learning to Habit Building / Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted

Alberto Martin

Digital & Multichannel Marketing Director, Digital Transformation Lead Iberia



From Big Pharma to Smart Pharma: Taking Full Advantage of the Digital Environment

Pharmaceutical companies have invested millions to include digital touchpoints and technological solutions to enhance their customer engagement and offer a multichannel approach to different stakeholders. As companies, do we have a clear and unique internal and external digital selling proposition? Are we doing better, or are we doing more?

  • Is your DT vision clear and tangible?
  • Volume, Quality and Relevant Data
  • Post-pandemic era: Different environment, the same approach
  • What can we expect from AI in the pharma commercial model?

Rodolphe Janssens

Director Commercial Operations

Gilead Sciences


Interconnecting Digital Marketing and SFE: Our Local Journey to Greater Competitiveness

Digital Marketing and Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) are crucial components to the success of any pharmaceutical organisation. This presentation focuses on the transformative journey taken in a midsize market, beginning with the infrastructure shift to ultimately attain seamless customer engagement across online and offline channels.

During the discussion, we will deepen into essential considerations that include the mindset and engagement of people, cross-functional teamwork, and a local with the global model. The purpose of this journey and the reflections shared is to provide valuable insights to global/regional teams on how to optimise collaboration while also sharing best practices with the local affiliate audience.

  • The shift from product to customer centricity
  • Overview of our transformative journey
  • Sales Force: Enabler and beneficiary of the omnichannel customer engagement
  • Reflections on people journey: Individual mindset and engagement, cross-functional teamwork and local with global model

Francesco Michienzi

Global Business Operations Development Director

Menarmi Group


Understanding Patients Experience

As Pharmaceutical Industries, we need to acquire more sensitivity and knowledge when it comes to Patients; Patients are assuming a ‘Modern Role’ into Healthcare System, leading to a ‘Need for Alignment’ among stakeholders as data management as digital technologies in medicine.

  • Patients as partners
  • Patients support
  • Key success factors for a fruitful collaboration